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Green Lipstick? Yes, please!

Melt Cosmetics Photography by Danielle DeBruno



The past couple of years, the world of lip colors has really opened up to all colors of the rainbow and then some. From shades of neon oranges to bright purples, there are some incredible brands making unconventional lip colors that everyone can rock.

One of my favorite brands right now creating lipsticks in an array of unconventional colors is Melt Cosmetics. The creators of Melt Cosmetics includes Lora Arellano, one of Rihanna’s makeup artists. Rihanna is one of my favorite gals, so when I heard Lora launched her own makeup line, I checked it out stat!

Currently I own Melt’s Dark Matter Eyeshadow Stack and their lipsticks in shades Summer and Blow. All are amazing products, but ohhhh Blow. Blow has won my heart. I never thought I could pull off a shade of green on my lips, but this shade is oh so wearable!!




This lipstick is not only incredibly creamy and easy to apply, it smells heavenly and absoluely stays put! I love pairing this lip with a simple eye look. I used Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Eye contour palette, some Benefit They’re Real, popped some blush on my cheeks and bam. Simple yet intense look. I’m in love.

Melt’s lipsticks aren’t necessarily too pricey at $19.00 each, but they are only available online at so a standard shipping cost of about $7.oo (plus tax) also applies. One lippie can run you almost $30. If you’re not willing to shell out that much cash, I found some different shades of green lipsticks by some great brands at a much cheaper price. These shades are all so gorgeous!


Nyx Cosmetics Lipstick in Pistachio

Manic Panic Lip Gloss in Poison Ivy

Ruby Kisses Ultra Matte Super Rich Lipstick in Mojito Lover


If I can pull off green lipstick, I think anyone can. If you’re hesitant in wearing unconventional shades of lipstick, I say indulge yourself! I guarantee you’ll fall in love with the way a shade of green can on your lips can brighten up and bring your entire look to life.





Hairdo Clip-In Bangs Review

hairdo jessica simpson clip-in bangs


So lately I keep contemplating getting bangs. Shoot, I actually had them up until 11th grade, but that was ages ago! But they weren’t the whole modern, pretty, Zooey Deschanel type bangs. They were the whole “I have no idea what to do with my hair and I don’t currr” type bangs. They were not cute, y’all.

While I keep debating on whether or not I want to take the plunge, I decided to do a little research on some clip-in bangs. I didn’t want to spend much money on a clip-in, all I wanted was one that looked decent and would give me a good idea on whether my plain ol’ hair might be seeing a change in its near future.

Along came Hairdo by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. While I read some mixed reviews about the line in general on different sites like, and, I saw on Amazon that the clip-in bangs actually had pretty decent reviews. While they retail for $24.99 at most salons, Amazon sells them for $14.95 with free shipping. So, for $15 I figured I’d take a chance. All I wanted was for the clip-in to give me an idea of whether or not I wanted to cut real bangs.

Here’s the Amazon link if you wanna check it out:

Hairdo Clip-In Bangs by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves – R6


The Hairdo line of extensions comes in a variety of shades, especially if you’re a brunette. The Amazon link doesn’t have the best swatches of the shades, but if you visit you can click on the link underneath the model that says “available colors” and see the color options much more clearly. I decided to go with Midnight Brown for my dark brown hair. It was definitely a perfect match.

There are three clips on these bangs and they are so simple to clip in. I advise to first tease the area of hair where you are going to snap the clip in. Teasing helps keep the clip in place more securely, especially if your hair is fine like mine. Position the bangs where you’d like and snap the clips in place. Done.

While the clip-in worked perfectly for what I was going for, they’re not fantastic. Because the hair is synthetic, it does have that certain sheen to it that isn’t the most fabulous. This is most noticeable up close, because I don’t feel that the sheen comes across in the photos I’m showing you. Although I do think it counts for something when I put these on and my own mother thought that I had actually cut real bangs.

After wearing the Hairdo clip-in, I still can’t decide whether or not I want to cut bangs! Hah. It’s totally not unlike me, I’m pretty indecisive when it comes to changing my appearance. I’ll keep rockin’ my plain jane look for now and grab for the clip-in when I want to switch it up. It’s believable looking enough to go out and have fun with. When I decide to take the plunge, I’ll be sure to post the finished product.

I absolutely recommend that if you are unsure if you want to cut bangs, try these first. For $15, you don’t have much to lose. If you do try the Hairdo Clip-In Bangs, please let me know what you think of them! I think you look lovely no matter what you do with your hair. <3

Also, I’m in love with! Check out my cool shades and literally the most amazing bracelet I’ve owned in my entire life in the following pics, both from I’ll link ’em below. :)



Hairdo Jessica Simpson Clip-In Bangs




hairdo jessica simpson clip-in bangs



hairdo jessica simpson clip-in bangs




hairdo jessica simpson clip-in bangs



hairdo jessica simpson clip-in bangs

In love with my shades from! They’re called Jam Out and About Sunglasses. They’re only $11.99, too! :)



hairdo jessica simpson clip-in bangs



Mod Cloth Skeleton Bracelet

Another gem from called the Carpal Diem Bracelet. I’ve named mine Billy Bones. I’m in love with him!



Yes, you can wear red lipstick!

red lipstick



Have you wanted to wear red lipstick, but thought you couldn’t? Does the idea of it intimidate you? Or, have you tried wearing red lipstick before and thought it looked awful on you?

Chances are, you just haven’t found the right color of red for your skin tone. Red lips can look great on anyone. It’s simply a matter of understanding your skin tone and realizing that certain reds look better on certain tones.

I say you should wear whatever red you think looks best on you, but the following is a guide to help you find a shade of red that best compliments the tone of your skin. I’ve also included links to shades corresponding with the descriptions in both high end and drugstore brands :)



Light skin tones: Porcelain, fair, ivory. These skin tones look best with coral reds and reds with hints of orange. How pretty is the orange-red color on Emma Stone? Ah!


REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter, Candy Apple, 0.09 Ounce

NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave


katy perry scarlet johansson emma watson kate bosworth emma stone angelina jolie




Medium skin tones: Beige, olive, tan, bronzed. Most variety of reds pair gorgeously with medium skin tones! (you lucky babes!) But which reds look especially sexy? True red, wine colored, and pink based reds compliment a bronzed glow especially well. I love the wine color on Vanessa Hudgens!


Maybelline New York Colorsensational Lipcolor, Red Revival 645, 0.15 Ounce

Tarte Cosmetics Glamazon Lipstick in Wild


jenna dewan rashida jones america ferrera olivia wilde salma hayek vanessa hudgens





Dark skin tones: Warm based reds looks best on dark skin tones. Think fig, wine, dark cherry. True reds also look great, like what Brandy is wearing. Gabrielle Union is rocking the hell out of that dark cherry shade!


Nyx Round Case Lipstick in Snow White

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Hellbent


nicole scherzinger alicia keys gabrielle union brandy jennifer hudson




Which color of red do you wear? <3