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Hello darklings!

My name’s Sabrina. You can call me Brina, Sab, Sabby, Bean, or even Plain Jane. I’ve been called a plain jane quite a few times in my life and I’m totally cool with that. So what if my hair looks the same most of the time? So what if diamonds aren’t my best friend or if I don’t rock high heels all the time? I love band shirts, education, animals, horror, forensics, pathology, and have an unhealthy obsession with music and skeletons. I also can’t get enough of Louis CK. I have major nerd girl problems. :)

I graduated in 2007 with my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and currently have one of those 8-5 gigs called a full time job. I live in California with my amazing boyfriend who doubles as my best friend. We’re proud fur-baby parents of two cats named Jackson and Bear and four rats named Lucy, Ethel, Marv, and Harry. We love camping, cycling, playing air guitar, cooking, and working on our dream of escaping city life and living in the country. We want cows and chickens and goats and to grow our own vegetables and and and…

I’ve created Not Your Average Plain Jane as a creative outlet where I can share my love of cooking, fashion, beauty, health, life, and hey, even you. Follow me along here (because you’re cool like that) and if you’re feeling sassy, follow me on Instagram at NotYourAveragePlainJaneBlog. Keep cool, lovelies. <3



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  1. matt says:

    Hey Sabrina, your boyfriend is a lucky guy, you sound like my perfect woman and you rock those Dr Marten boots!!! x

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