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Just another Dr. Martens Style Look…





By this time, you might already know that I love my Dr. Martens 1460’s. Why wouldn’t I?! The styling possibilities are endless! Lately I’ve been obsessed with wearing Skater Socks
with my Docs. I’ve purchased several different colors, all in the mid-calf length. I’m in the process of photographing all of the pairs I’ve purchased with different styling ideas, but in the meantime, check out this look I’ve created for Spring. Shorts, Dr. Martens, and Skater Socks? Oh my! <3





Skater Socks are available in sooo many colors and lengths. Dear gawd, I’m obsessed. Let’s please appreciate the fact that they’re also made in the USA. *claps* *hands up in praise* You can check out all of the colors and lengths here:

Skater Socks Made in the USA



The skull sweater I’m wearing is made by ModCloth, but I noticed that they no longer sell this particular one anymore. I purchased it probably a couple of years ago. I found two almost exactly like the one I’m wearing as well as ones that are similar to help you recreate this look:

Paper Moon Skull Sweater in Grey and Black

2LUV Knit Skull Sweater

Forever Skull Cardigan

Chiffon Skull Top in Black




And of course, a link to the most affordable and best place to buy your authentic Dr. Martens 1460’s..

Dr. Martens 1460’s

And if you haven’t already checked it out, see my post about buying these babies online.




I’m pretty in love with 90’s fashion. 90’s grunge in particlar really inspires a lot of the looks I try to create. This photo edit reminds me of the 90’s and that makes me happy. :)