That One Pair of Pants…



You know that one pair of pants you own that you really love? You think they look great with everything, they’re comfortable, and you can even count on them to keep you warm in cold weather? If you don’t own a pair of pants that you feel that way about, ummm.. you kinda totally should, you weirdo.

This pant is that pair that I feel that way about this fall. As you might already know, I’m almost strictly an online shopper, so when I purchased this item online, I didn’t read the description as clearly as I thought I did. When they arrived, I was surprised to find out that they were a pant and not a legging. I adore leggings (ahem, see previous post), so intially I was kinda disappointed (and cursing myself that I didn’t read the item description more thoroughly). But then I tried these babies on. Pfft, screw them not being a legging. Not only did I love the look of them on me, they were comfortably thick. With the fall season beginning and winter to soon follow, I was stoked thinking about how great these pants will be at looking great and keeping me warm and fuzzy.

I purchased this pant in a medium size at They’re called the “Rockin’ Around Pants” and you can find them here. They’re currently out of stock in all sizes and there’s no telling when and if ModCloth will restock them. If you’re feening for a pair similar to this as far as fit and plaid print goes, I did a little searching and found these following badass pairs that I think you’ll love:

Fashion MIC Women’s Skinny HoundsTooth Plaid Pants

Hot Topic Royal Bones Split Leg Plaid Skinny Pants

[BLANKNYC] Womens Plaid Jean, Tartin Martin, 25

Sanctuary Clothing Women’s Plaid Grease Legging Pant


Here are just a few ways I styled that one pair of pants. These are gonna look effing cute with winter jackets and accessories.



Top: Tarman tee by Fright Rags (it comes in a women’s and men’s fit tee, I just cut mine into a tank).

ShoesShiekh Womens Meow-S Casual Flat – Black Size 5.5

Or you can try T.U.K. Women’s A8542L Ballet Flat.




Necklace by the incredible IamSkullsNBones. Check out her Etsy shop for unique, handmade gothic jewelry. I love her jewelry so much, I’ll be writing a post just on her jewelry soon.


goth fashion



My usual favorite shoes to wear: Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 Originals Eight-Eye Lace-Up Boot

And if you haven’t already checked it out, see my post about buying these babies online.





goth fashion


goth fashion



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  1. Bride of Frankenweenie says:

    I love your outfit, those pants are great! Your lipstick is super cute too, is it Poe by KvD?

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