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DIY Tank Tops

Death Row

You’ve probably heard someone say before that they’d die without music. That their soul would be empty without music. That their heart beats for music. Maybe you think they’re weird for feeling that way. If you do, then shooot, you’re gonna think I’m weird because that’s how I feel about music. I’m obsessed with it, I’m in love with it. Hell, maybe you feel the same way and you totally get me right now and we’re like, connected and stuff. 😉

I’m pretty eclectic when it comes to my musical preferences. My favorite genres include metal, rock, and hip hop, but I really could go on and on.. Deftones, Hieroglyphics, Slayer, Atmosphere.. Don’t even get me started.

When I was younger, I wore band shirts more than I wore regular tops. And when I was wearing them, they didn’t really make them in girl styles like they do now. But I’ve realized two things about the girl style band shirts: they are usually made with bands I don’t care for and if they are made with a band I like, I don’t even really care for the style of the shirt anyway. I prefer taking a men’s style shirt and cutting it into a tank top. It’s a pretty “trendy” look that has always been worn but it’s been picking up some popularity. Maybe celebrities like Kat Von D have helped progress that style. Either way, I dig the way it looks.

Today I wanted to cut my Death Row shirt that I’ve had for a while. (For the record, I like Biggie better. Don’t hate. I mean it. Don’t. Hah!)

Death Row

I purchased this cool guy at Hot Topic a couple years back on clearance, but I’ve never liked the way it fits. It makes me feel like this when I wear it:

Death Row It’s kinda tight around the neck and I think the sleeves just look blah. So, I’m going to cut it to look all nifty and I’ll show you how easy it is to do it. All you’re going to need are a pair of scissors. If you don’t own fabric scissors, then use kitchen scissors. I’ll be using kitchen scissors today.

I have no specific method to doing this to shirts other than trying to cut it somewhat evenly. I think what makes self-cut tees look cool is the fact that it’s not cut perfectly. That and if the edges are frayed a bit, which will happen naturally.

Death RowI make sure when I cut the sleeves that I am completely removing the seams that become the sleeve. Pretty easy. Above you can see that I’m not cutting that far past the seam. That’s because I like to start there, try it on, and then decide how much further I want to go from there.

Death RowAfter I cut off each sleeve, I go for the collar.

Death Row

Death RowNow I have no sleeves to the shirt and the collar is cut off. I tried it on and now I want to take the sleeves in even a little further..

Death Row

It took me about 5 minutes to do the above and now I’m finished! Awww yeah, I’m loving this end result!

Death RowDeath Row

I’ve also cut up a few other tees in the past and I wanted to show you those as well. One I’ve cut much skinnier on the sleeves than the Death Row shirt above and the other I kept as a t-shirt style but tried to make it a more feminine fit.


Here’s my MJ tee! Eee hee!

Michael Jackson(Excuse my nasty hair. It was a long day!)

If you decide to cut up a tee, whether it’s a band shirt or not, show me your end result!! I’d love to see. Also, if you have any suggestions as to how you do this differently, I’d love for you to share. <3

Put on some tunes and happy t-shirt cutting!!